Trial Sessions

  • Approximately 2-2.5 hours long
  • We will send you a beauty questionaire to fill out prior to the appointment. This is required and helps us to ensure that we are prepared for your appointment and that you have a successful session.
  • Balances are due in cash or checks on the day of the appointment.
  • Deposits are to be made online to reserve date and time slot (no exceptions).
  • Trial sessions are recommended between the hours of 9am-2pm so that you are able to capture the natural light. We understand you may work during the day time, but it is important to get it right.
  • Daytime trial sessions also allows you to test out the hair/makeup properly and allows you time to wear it. This is essential to us as we need to know the products sat and if adjustments are required for the wedding day.
  • Daytime trial sessions also allows you to mimic the wedding day timeframe so you know what to expect and how it will look.

Recommended Trial Session Space

  • We recommend clearing space in your dining room or an area where there is the most natural light in your trial session location.
  • Outlet nearby and a table for setting up tools and makeup required
  • Natural light is the most ideal because this will ensure that your stylist is able to properly color match you. In addition, if gives you the most realistic idea of what the hair and makeup will look like through a camera and on the wedding day.


Do I need to have a trial session?

Not necessary, we recommend to do one just so you can meet your artist and really get a peace of mind.  We have done wedding with brides that do not do a trial session, and our brides are always very happy.  However, it always makes things easier and a lot more carefree for our brides when they know exactly what will be done on the wedding date.

If you choose not to do a trial session, we will request that you please provide us with a photo of yourself with your usual makeup, no makeup, and hair and makeup photo inspirations that you have in mind for your wedding date. These pieces are important for creating the perfect look.

What’s the difference between the trial session and the engagement session? // Can I use the trial session during our engagement session? 

We do not recommend doing the trial session and engagement session the same day

The sessions serve as different purposes.

Engagement Session makeup tends to be a bit heavier because the goal of the engagement session is to have amazing pictures.  We all know that having makeup that is darker will show up better, so we tend to be a bit more dramatic with this (although, not too dramatic! we still want you to look like yourself).  Engagement session hair is usually much more natural as well with loose curls, half up half down or some sort of variation.  With the emphasized makeup, this will be able to bring some pop into your photos since everything else is much more relaxed and toned down including the clothing.  Engagement session hair is also much more polished compared to the trial session, because we understand that everything needs to be perfected and sprayed since you’re taking photos immediately afterwards.

Trial sessions are meant to work on your look.  We perfect everything for your wedding date through trial and error.  For trial session we use less products on the hair because we assume that we will need to make changes to the hair.  They are two hour consultations between yourself and your artist where you are given the opportunity to become familiar with your artist. This aspect of the trial session is very important to us because we feel it is necessary to create a relationship with your artist, especially since they will be there from the beginning to end of your wedding planning process. Having a trial session will make it easier for you to do your engagement session hair and makeup as well as the wedding date.  Included in the trial session, you will also be able to see how the makeup will look like before the wedding date, and the artist will be able to make any changes that you request or provide you additional suggestions to complete or supplement your look.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to try out up to two hair styles during the session.  Lastly, the trial session will also include a before and after session. This is crucial in seeing how your hair and makeup photographs in photos and also see the effects that makeup can have. Remember, that trial sessions are previews. Nothing is guaranteed to be perfect, and don’t worry if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Your artist is there to help you and guide you in the right direction.  We aim to encourage you to feel comfortable with letting us know how you feel and what changes, if any, you’d want to make.